My name is Sarah, and I run Kitchen Titbits.

Food is never far from my mind, and anyone who knows me, knows that I relish a food-related challenge – be that recommending a cookbook for mum’s birthday, finding the right restaurant for a family meal, working out what to serve alongside a main dish, needing new, quick mid-week meal ideas, keeping herbs or salad fresher for longer or how to use up the seemingly never-ending cabbage. I have many a helpful titbit up my sleeve.

I grew up cooking with my mum and learning from my grandma, who was able to conjure up a cheap yet hearty meal for about 20 family and friends who’d stop by at a drop of a hat. I’m now a mother of two young children and juggling work and family life on a budget, putting all the skills I have mastered to good use, yet enjoying tasty, nutritious, stress-free and varied meals.

My Yorkshire heritage has taught me the skill of thriftiness and the project manager in me (before starting Kitchen Titbits, I was a project manager for 16 years) cannot bear to be dis-organised and without a plan or several lists. Useful when keeping on top of your food planning and shopping.