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Last night was the first match in this year’s Six Nations Championship. We’d arranged to watch the match with friends at the Oxford Inn, Totterdown. Handy for us as it’s just up the road and meant a short stroll home afterwards.

Needing sustenance before the match started and the beers flowed all too well, we planned to have a quick dinner at the Banco Lounge, you can never go wrong with a burger there, but half of Totterdown had the same idea! There was no way we’d get a table let alone finish dinner in time for kick off. We needed a plan B.

We’d been told of a great kebab shop just a little further up Wells Road but in the six years we’ve lived in the area had never gone. Kebabs shops are so often given bad press and are especially unappealing from the outside. I usually steer clear. I can count on one hand the number of kebab shops at which I’ve eaten and can honestly say I’ve never touched a doner, so high praise was something I needed to tempt me in.

With few other options available I decided to bite the bullet and embrace the Friday night kebab (even if it was before beer and not afterwards!). I was not disappointed. The staff at Alwaha were friendly, welcoming and proud of their food, cooked fresh to order and served with home-made sauces. The chicken tikka was generously stuffed into warm pitta, squirted with lemon juice then topped with my choice of chilli sauce, garlic mayo, mixed salad and pickled chillies.

It was messy. It was amazingly tasty. It was just what a kebab should be. I will be going back for more. Alwaha are my local kebab heroes!


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