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When I entered the Cinnamon Club competition to win two tickets to their New Year’s Eve celebration I didn’t for one minute think I’d win. I came up with my Cinnamon Club poem on the spur of the moment, in a random flash of creativity. I was truly shocked to receive an email on 29 December congratulating me on my win!

It was very unfortunate that I wasn’t able to take advantage of the prize myself. I arranged instead for my soon to be parents-in-law to go on my behalf with strict instructions to have fun and report back! They certainly enjoyed their evening and reported back in abundance. I received a blow-by-blow account, have a copy of the menu, photographs and the complimentary truffles!

Entertainment was laid on in the form of a live jazz band and an illusionist. I have to admit to being sceptical when I heard that there was an illusionist but am still in awe of the story of the rabbit trick – just how does a rabbit in a clenched fist turn into 10 bunnies when the hand is opened again?!

Food highlights of the evening were the canapes (chargrilled monkfish with chilli and lemongrass, chilli chicken sausage with masala mash, chickpea and yoghurt gnocchi with coriander chutney), the Kerala style lobster soup, the side dish of black lentils and the pistachio and cardamon kulfi.

The food was good, beautiful and well presented, delicately and expertly spiced but not sublime.  The wine list could break the bank and there is quite a high service charge to pay. Even still, I look forward to a time when I can experience the grandeur of the Cinnamon Club myself.


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In a moment of creative inspiration (and genius?!) I wrote this entry for the Cinnamon Club New Year’s Eve Party competition!

There is a guy named Jed

Who plenty of curry has been fed

His fiancée has a curry addiction

He’s sure there could be a worse affliction

So just let’s her get on in the kitchen.

He likes it when she makes dhal

But draws the line at phall

Some have come to think she’s crazy

It doesn’t bother him, she makes a mean jalfrezi

So he’ll just eat til his mind is hazy.

He knows of the Cinnamon Club

Where great food is at the hub

If only he could give her the night off

Somewhere with a nice wine or cocktail to quaff

And a most excellent curry to scoff!

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